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Nursing homes are oftentimes found to be understaffed and residents are found to be subjected to neglect and abuse. If you have noticed: These are some potential warning signs of abuse and neglect, and the nursing home may be responsible. Do not be concerned that a claim may be subject to an arbitration clause as Mr. Melton is willing to arbitrate valid claims against nursing homes.

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You shouldn't have to keep torturing yourself, wondering if the nursing home is neglecting or abusing your loved one. At these times, you need to call Thomas P. Melton, a Birmingham nursing home abuse attorney. Even the best nursing homes can be understaffed and even the best nursing home staff can be overworked. That's how some of these things happen, like:

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Don't spend a minute more wondering if a northern Alabama nursing home is neglecting or abusing your loved one. Find out for sure. Please call us now for your free consultation. Contact the personal injury law firm of Thomas P. Melton, Attorney at Law, LLC, today, either online or by telephone at 205-458-4556.