Birmingham Attorney Fighting Insurance Claim Denials

You've Suffered A Hardship — But Now The Insurance Company Won't Pay

For years you've faithfully paid those monthly insurance premiums, hoping you wouldn't have to use your insurance. But things do happen. You became seriously disabled and can no longer work, or your family home just burned to the ground. So now you're asking for the disability benefits to which you are entitled under your policy or for property damage reimbursement that will allow you to rebuild and to begin your life once again. But the insurance company won't pay. This is not the time to face your insurance company alone. It's the time to have an experienced Birmingham lawyer at your side.

We'll Fight The Insurance Company For You

Since 1995, Thomas P. Melton has helped clients fight insurance claim denials pursuing what is often referred to in the industry as "bad faith refusal to pay." Founder Thomas P. Melton passionately advocates for his clients, giving them a personal touch with aggressive professionalism. In the past few years, Mr. Melton helped clients whose homes had been destroyed by the 2011 tornado outbreak. Even in a tragic time of need, insurance companies often refuse to admit damages were caused by forces of nature. On property loss claims, insurance companies oftentimes refuse to pay the fair value of property losses and even sometimes accuse their own insureds of being responsible for losses. On disability claims, whether an insured can return to the workforce is often disputed. And, on life insurance claims, the classification of a death as an accident may be the difference between payment and denial. Mr. Melton has successfully argued all of these issues and forced insurance companies to pay valid claims. Some of the other insurance claim denial cases he has handled for clients include:

Let Us Help You

If your insurance company has denied your claim, you don't have to fight them alone; call us. Contact the personal injury law firm of Thomas P. Melton, Attorney at Law, LLC, online or by telephone toll free at 1-800-407-5563 or locally at 205-458-4556 for your free consultation.